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Your Partner in

Business Growth

Leveraging Strategic Development for Profitable Sustainability


We create innovative solutions and strategies to improve the performance of your organization.

This is achieved by the assessment of the operations of your organization and the identification of its needs.

  • Increase Revenue without making 300+ sales calls a day

  • Increase Customer Retention

  • Make your Business Effectively Efficient and Sustainable

  • Increase Employee Retention and drive team motivation

  • Expand your Leadership Skills and Knowledge

  • Make your Business work for you, instead of you for it

  • Cut through the noise, and excel.

You are here because you are a business leader, who is seeking strategic and innovative ways to:

About Intenovate Inc.

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Empowering Growth Through Strategic Innovation


Intenovate™ Inc. empowers businesses. We specialize in Development, Design & the Dutiful, being #IntentionallyInnovative to leverage strategic development for sustainable profitability. 


We're not just an award-winning firm; We're an asset to success. 


Our commitment to excellence exceeds business, giving 30% of profits to community revitalization and the 'Beauty, Brains, & Business™' Entrepreneur Grant and Scholarship fund, making impacts beyond bottom lines. 


Elevate with Intenovate™ Inc. : Your source for Innovative, Sustainable Profits.



We dive deeper to make your brand stand out from within it’s core, bringing clarity from day one to craft core and true to the brand’s nature concepts and solutions; ensuring strategy is brought to life with effective efficiency and innovation.



Your brand is your voice, and it’s a part of your culture. With our diverse perspectives matching a range of relevant skillsets and lived experiences, we ensure the spirit of your brand is alive and thriving.



Our Meticulous approach to problem-solving  allows us to deliver confidently and compliantly, every time. By deploying our services, businesses can protect their brands, safeguard their products and ensure their customers have a positive experience

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Aligned with your ambitions and challenges, committing to your success as if it were our own and equipping your teams with the tools to pursue continued growth are just a few way we ensure healthy and productive communication with our clients.

Success Stories

Luxury Web Design
  • Web Development & SEO

  • Branding

  • And More

businessstrategy mapping
  • Leadership

  • Operations

  • And More

Legal Solutions for Small Businesses
  • Legal Structure

  • Funding Assistance

  • And More

Our Services

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Community Impact


Ready to make your 
Business Profitable?

Bryan Z, CEO

"Paradise is full of amazing ideas! She’s been helping me with my business projects and I can tell you that she’s a great asset! I’m very happy to have met her in Las Vegas and being able to work together because Paradise always finds me new opportunities for growth 🙏"

Alexa. Y, MUA

"From the initial point of contact to the process of getting a jump start on my business, Ms. Rodriguez-Bordeaux and Intenovate Inc. have been hands-on, as well as an absolute pleasure to work with. I look forward to continuing my strategy plan to build a successful, loving business that I can be proud of."

Cathy D.,President

"Paradise is the consummate professional! I have never worked with a more organized, reliable individual than she. Ms. Rodriguez holds herself to high standards and is always accountable for her actions. Paradise easily separates personal and professional life and is optimistic while remaining very thoughtful, intentional and effective. I highly recommend a business relationship with someone of such professional caliber."


Learn how to build and leverage business credit to open new doors for your venture's growth and stability.

Strengthen Your Financial Foundation


Our comprehensive business directory is a tool for finding and collaborating with top-tier professionals and services that align with your values.

Connect with Excellence


We pride ourselves on forming strategic partnerships that enhance our service offerings and extend our impact. By joining forces with industry leaders, we bring you innovative solutions and a network of expertise.

Collaborative Excellence


Explore career opportunities with us and be a part of a team that values innovation, sustainability, and community development.

Join Our Mission


Dive into a wealth of knowledge with our curated insights and resources. Stay ahead of the curve with articles, case studies, and tools that inform and inspire every aspect of your business journey.

Unlock Your Potential


Our financial literacy programs are designed to equip individuals and communities with the knowledge to make informed financial decisions for a better future.

​Prioritizing Financial Literacy


We're committed to uplifting women-owned businesses with resources, networking, and growth opportunities to foster a more inclusive economy.

Empowering Female Entrepreneurs


Our affiliate program is an ecosystem of innovation and opportunity. Designed to empower,  individuals and businesses may earn commissions from Intenovate Inc's offerings; ensuring mutual growth and success.

Expanding Possibilities

Driving Positive Change Beyond Business

At Intenovate Inc., we believe that true business success extends into empowering communities and fostering growth beyond the corporate sphere. Our dedication to social responsibility is reflected in our diverse initiatives aimed at supporting women entrepreneurs, enhancing financial literacy, providing exciting career opportunities, nurturing business credit knowledge, and facilitating professional connections through our business directory. Each endeavor is a step towards a more equitable, knowledgeable, and connected world.

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