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Building Partnerships for Success


Intenovate Inc., believe in the power of partnerships. We have established strong alliances with trusted financial institutions, credit card companies, and industry leaders to provide our members with exclusive benefits and opportunities. 

We are glad to offer our valued partners to our clients, and invites businesses to join our network of strategic collaborations. Together, we can create a thriving business community and unlock new possibilities for success.

Partner Benefits

We are open to new partnerships with businesses that share our commitment to empowering small businesses through credit building. If your organization offers aligned products or services, we invite you to join our network of partners. Together, we can create mutually beneficial collaborations that drive success and growth. Reach out to our team today to explore partnership opportunities.

Partnering with Intenovate Inc. introduces your business to our extensive network of small business owners and entrepreneurs. Benefit from increased brand exposure and tap into new markets through our collaborative marketing efforts.

Our membership base consists of motivated small business owners actively seeking credit solutions and business growth strategies. As a partner, you gain the opportunity to connect with these potential customers and expand your reach.

Engage with like-minded businesses and industry leaders through our partner events, webinars, and forums. Collaborate on joint initiatives, share knowledge, and foster meaningful relationships within our vibrant business community.

Promote your products, services, and special offers through our platform, newsletters, and social media channels. Enjoy priority consideration for featured placements and promotional campaigns designed to generate awareness and drive traffic to your business.


Streamline your business operations with our trusted operational partners, who offer solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity.


Stay ahead in the digital era by leveraging cutting-edge technology through our technological partnerships, providing innovative tools and software solutions tailored to your business needs.


Unlock financial opportunities and gain access to specialized financial products and services through our esteemed financial partners, empowering you to manage your finances and fuel business growth.


Explore exclusive travel deals and connect with our travel partners, ensuring smooth and convenient travel arrangements for your business needs.

What Type of Partners?

Intenovate Inc has an extensive network of partnerships that span various industries, and these examples are just a glimpse of the opportunities available. Let us know if you have specific partnership requirements or if you'd like to apply to join our esteemed network of partners. Together, we can achieve greater heights for your business.


Extra 30% Off on Selected Items
Trusted Providers

Our partners are carefully selected based on their expertise, reputation, and commitment to delivering high-quality services. You can trust that the products and services offered by our partners meet the highest standards of excellence.

Exclusive Discounts

Enjoy exclusive discounts and offers on products, services, and solutions offered by our trusted business partners. These savings can help optimize your budget and provide valuable cost savings for your business.

Broad Network

Gain access to an expansive network of organizations and businesses across various industries. This network offers potential collaborations, joint ventures, and opportunities for mutual growth and success.

Please note that our network of partners is continuously growing, and we are constantly seeking new collaborations to expand the benefits we offer to our members. Check back regularly for updates on our business partnerships.

Client Benefits
Become A Partner
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